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Rosanna was abandoned along with Deebo outside of an open intake city shelter. Rosanna was affectionate from the minute staff retrieved her to bring her inside. Kisses, nub going excitedly, seeking attention and petting. Once inside, Rosanna was easy to leash when in her kennel. She was lying on her bed with soft eyes and remained on her bed until the handler asked her "do you wanna go for a walk?" and then she came to the front wagging her nub. Rosanna was very sweet and social when brought to a room for her behavior assessment. She was wagging her nub rapidly and continued to have soft eyes. She would come up to the assessors and seek out pets and attention, continuing to wag and lean against them. She was very affectionate and somewhat pushy with her love...trying to sit on them lol.  She took treats gently and with manners and eagerly sat when asked. Rosanna liked tennis balls and allowed them to be taken directly from her mouth. Likewise, she had excellent manners with other toys. 

Rosanna does guard her food and high-value treats from other dogs. She has not guarded from people while in our care, only other dogs. Her ideal home would be a family who will take pleasure in and accommodate her enjoyment of attention, if there are children they are 12 or over, and no other dog to elicit her guarding of edibles. She's well worth it! It isn't that she can't be with another dog, but it would require separation at feeding time and no high value treats when together.

If you'd like to be considered for Rosanna, just submit an application!

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Psst...there's a video clip on Petfinder that wouldn't load here for some reason  ;)

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