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Meet Alex, your new best friend and adventure buddy! This 3 year old boy is incredibly friendly, affectionate, loyal, playful, smart, funny and athletic - making him the perfect companion for the right home. He is the opposite of a couch potato! He's always up for fun activities with those he trusts. Because of his high energy and 'zest' for life, no children under 12!  He'd bowl them over lol.

Alex was dog tested on leash and, much like with people, he was strong and high energy which could possibly either annoy, or intimidate, or engage another dog depending on their personality and temperament. He showed no aggression. We would assess interaction with a resident dog at a Meet. But he's just as happy being an only dog. He is creative in finding things to do and to make his own fun. 

At first, with new people, Alex is timid and lacks confidence. Once he sees for himself that he's safe, he warms up and his gleeful personality shines through. For this reason, his new family will need to be patient and consistent until Alex understands all his good. Thankfully, this boy has zero aggression. He is just suspect with new humans, most likely from having been homeless on the streets. 

Alex is very curious about his surroundings and is always eager to learn new things. He is eager to learn what is being asked of him. His loyalty, love, and goofy personality will win over your heart in no time.  Alex is seeking a forever home where he can be showered with love, attention, and plenty of opportunities to play and explore, but who has the patience to help him build the trust he needs to blossom. He's sure to bring laughter and joy to everyone around him. If you'd like to be considered for Alex, just submit our application at!

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