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Bruno is a very handsome guy who has matured into a hunk of a boy. He's approximately 2 to 2.5 yrs old and is charming. He thrives on lots of exercise, structure, and clear expectations. He would do well with a fairly active adopter with no small children as he can get overstimulated in play with little ones at times. A home with children over 12 who have lived with large, dogs similar to this breed is recommended.


Bruno would love a Rottie savvy home who can offer structure and love and fun experiences! He does very well interacting and playing with other dogs, as well as coexisting on group walks. Bruno enjoys physical and mental exercise. He has just completed a training program and is ready to roll!


Cats are unknown. Just submit our application if you'd like to be considered!   

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Bruno at Bry 1.jpeg
Bruno at Bry 2.jpeg
Bruno at Bry 3.jpeg
Bruno ACCT 4.jfif
Bruno at Bry 4.jpeg
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