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 What you need to know to be considered for adoption of our dogs

1. Our dogs are not for first time owners. Applicants need to have prior Rottweiler experience or experience with other large breed dogs with similar temperaments and needs. 

2. Applicants need to have a vet history of annual well care visits as well as year round heartworm and flea/tick preventatives. In addition to the vet reference, we request that we may contact 2 personal references of your choice. Last, one of our volunteers will conduct a Home Safety Check. We are not looking at your decor, but rather safety factors. The last step is the Meet with the applicant's family and dog if there is a resident dog.

3. Unless the requested dog has lived with toddlers or young children prior to rescue, we will not adopt to homes with this age family members.

4. Requirement of a physical fence, electric fence, or no fence will be determined by us based on the safety needs of the dog of interest. 

5. Patience. We are a small, volunteer-run group. Each of us tries to give as much time as possible to the rescue effort. Based on the demands of the rescue on any given day, we typically cannot respond to every applicant. A review is made of every application received as we narrow the search to the best matches and make contact with those applicants. The best way to find out if your application was chosen is to keep an eye on the website. If the dog is still listed, we are still reviewing applications. If the dog is no longer listed, he or she was adopted to a stronger match for their needs. Please have patience. We are doing the best we can. It's all about the dogs.

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