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Lucky has worked hard the past 3 weeks at Lead Your K9 to learn how to be a dog off a chain. He had so much to learn, things other 3 year olds started learning once weaned at 8 weeks. But Lucky was so receptive to his trainers that he has exceled as a student. Besides obedience work, he enjoyed socializing with other puppers,  leisurely walks on a loose leash, enjoyed all the people he met, visited public places like Cabella's, and was a guest at his lead trainer's home. Lucky will be continuing to practice what he's been taught as he waits for his forever humans! 

Interested in being considered for this handsome stud muffin? Lucky's ideal family has experience with large, working breed dogs, understands the importance of continued practice on Obedience using positive enforcement, has no children under 12 due to his strength and size, and is committed to providing Lucky with sufficient exercise and activities to satisfy him. This boy is not a couch potato! Just submit our application to start the process! 

Lucky N 3.jpg
Lucky N 3.JPG
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