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Deebo and a female Rottie, Rosanna, were abandoned overnight outside a city open-intake shelter. Deebo has a sweet, engaging personality. He's such a gentle boy. While at the shelter, Deebo was wiggly in his kennel and had a wagging nub, soft eyes and was eager to go out for a walk. He was easy to leash up and wanted to stop and say hi to any people while walking by them.  Deebo is a social and fun guy! He was so friendly outside with us and multiple staff members. He would trot around the room wagging and would solicit attention often and lean in for pets. He allowed all petting without issues. He showed knowledge of sit and was very gentle when given treats. Deebo was a bit grabby with toys but readily would trade up. All in all, this is a nice and rather handsome pupper who deserves his own family to grace with his love and loyalty! Due to his size, we are asking for children to be 10 or older and comfortable with big dogs.

If you'd like to be considered for Deebo, just submit our application!

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