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Fostering is the key to saving lives. It provides the homeless Rottie the time needed to find the perfect match for adoption. There are 3 basic types. Foster homes need to be within an hour of Perkasie, PA which is the location of our vet.

The first is opening your home to an adoptable dog who may or may not need practice in house manners. This could possibly include refreshing them on house breaking, crate training, staying off furniture, counter surfing, etc  (to include some behaviors you may see at first). They all need a couple of days to adjust so it can be very short term re-training or it could be longer.

You may be asked to speak with approved applicants at the point we are ready to proceed to a Meet. You may need to bring the dog to our vet although they will for the most part have been vetted when they come to you. Things happen. The more adoptable the dog, the shorter the time in foster care. Naturally, puppies and younger dogs fall in this category.

As an adopter, you’ve had the experience of adopting a dog who has already been fostered. Your foster could be coming from a shelter or a kennel due to us saving more dogs than we have foster homes. But, a dog who hasn’t had the opportunity to be fostered, is a ‘diamond in the rough’.

The second type is a dog who is not as adoptable. This could include middle-aged dogs or dogs with special needs. These move slower, but most do eventually get adopted.  This category is a longer commitment but includes the same kind of supports described for the first category.

The third type is our hospice dogs. These just need to be kept comfortable until it’s time to let them pass. It’s heartbreaking, but also amazingly fulfilling to love a senior who has been dumped at a shelter after a lifetime with their family.

The rescue pays for any vetting and the foster  provides food and love.

Let us know if there are questions and what would be a good fit for you if you were to foster for Kodi’s Club!

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