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Two year old Harley has just completed a Board and Train program and did quite well. She worked with multiple trainers and training assistants and had a good relationship with each of them. We included the lead trainer's feedback below as they know her best. Harley will need a home that can meet her needs for activity and structure:

"Harley is a ton of fun, She has VERY high energy & can be a bit silly but that’s her personality. I would say an ideal home for Harley would be with somebody who lives a very active lifestyle. She is always wanting to move and stretch those legs. Small children (mainly under 13) in a home with her likely aren’t ideal due to her hyperactivity and strength. She’s a strong girl who loves to jump around, I would be concerned with her knocking small children over. She is very social with the dogs that come to our enrichment program. We have been working on teaching her social skills by coaching her while she interacts with dogs so that she can have a more gentle approach. I think she could live in a home with another dog who matches her activity needs. 

Harley's adopter should be someone who is willing to give her structure throughout her day. When she gets bored she gets barky & tries to find something to do. She doesn't realize she needs time to shut off and relax. We have been working a lot on that off-switch with her through our place command and tether sessions. . As important as it is that we do our part teaching her how to be bored, I think it's just as important her future owner keeps up with it as well". 

If approved to adopt her, her trainer will spend time with her new family showing them the strategies that worked with this cutie pie. The first step is to submit the application here on our website. 

Harley N9.jpg
Harley N9.jpg
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