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This is our boy Rocco! Rocco came to us from a city shelter after suffering a heat stroke. Once he was 100% recovered, we realized that despite trying, we just couldn't give him what he needed so we made the decision to seek professional training for him for socialization experiences. We asked Lead Your K9 to evaluate him and subsequently registered him for their Board and Train program. Rocco needed a patient team to help him feel comfortable in new situations. We just got word that if we had an experienced home for him, he was at a point that he could be adopted. Good work Rocco! Here are their comments:


"Rocco has really come around to our training staff and has opened up a good bit. We have gotten to see some more of his personality come out of him in recent weeks. One thing that he’s shown is mouthiness, he gets playful and overstimulated and will try to play by using his mouth to grab at your hands and arms. We are teaching him what is acceptable and what is not in play, and the mouthiness is diminishing. 


He has also socialized with other dogs during his time here, and has showed very healthy pro social behaviors. He interacts nicely and engages in healthy play. He also does well coexisting with other dogs on his group walks.


Rocco has also navigated our auction next door and has done well staying engaged with his handler and following nicely. He has shown healthy pro social behavior towards passing strangers as well, though there are times he can still get nervous passing"

So...Rocco's ideal home? Rocco's humans need to have experience with the breed and have a quiet home environment. We do not think he is ready to handle the hustle and bustle of a family with children or teenagers. His family will need to understand that this will be an adjustment for him, leaving the team he knows well and be willing to give him the time he needs to grow at his own pace. We'd love if he could continue with some group classes at Lead Your K9 to hone his newly learned skills. Of course, we will read each application carefully for the best match for this adorable guy. If you'd like to be considered, please submit the application on this site and good luck!

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