Meet Fiona! Fiona is an adorable, 1-2 yr old very friendly girl who loves humans and dogs. Her nub goes a mile a minute to express her excitement at the prospect of attention or play. She’s still young so prone to needing reminders to curtail her impulses. Her foster mom is teaching her the word ‘calm’ and crate manners so she can use it to decompress, along with other behaviors like not jumping. Her future family will need to reinforce all she is learning. This little lady needs her brain occupied as she has a lot of energy. She definitely needs an active family because she’s no couch potato!

When Fiona is playing with other dogs she puts her whole heart and soul in it, so if joining a home that has a dog already, it would need to have a dog who'd like playing with her. She thoroughly enjoys other dogs and plays well with both males and females. She listens really well when you call her back to you even in the middle of playing.

As for cats, if they move quickly at all she is very quick to lunge to chase them and gets focused on them. The quick movements are the trigger for her. So no cats for this girl!

Likewise, no young children as she will absolutely knock them over in her glee at the prospect of ‘littermates’ her size lol. Any older children should be comfortable with a large, happy-go-lucky dog, who is still learning boundaries so will try to engage them in an overly friendly, pushy way. 

Fiona’s ideal home is active, has a physically fenced-in yard, enjoys her need for consistent exercise, is willing to play games that challenge her brain, has children over the age of 10 and who are used to big dogs, has dogs who can match Fiona's play style if they have dogs currently, and understands the importance of reinforcing what she has learned with her foster.


If this is you, please  submit our application. We cannot proceed without reading your application to help us determine if your home is a fit and can meet Fiona’s needs.

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