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This handsome hunk is Dodge, a 2 year old Purebred Rottie. Dodge was surrendered to Kodi's Club due to a new baby in the home and needs some experienced handling to help him transition to his new life. Dodge is loving and loyal and thrives on affection; but you'll need to earn his love! Remember first meeting your love? It took a few dates before you knew they were the one- that's how Did he feels about meeting you. This handsome guy deserves a little wining and dining, but once he trusts you it'll be true love. He is also the monogamous sort- don't expect Dodge to flirt with your friends or offer his affection to just anyone. He's had a rough past and prefers slow intros to be sure people are worthy of his trust. Dodge is ready to settle down into are quiet life. He's not a party animal and doesn't appreciate loud busy environments. He does not like long walks and hikes. He's more of the stay in and watch a movie sort. Good news is he's not picky- you pick the movie and the snacks and he'll never complain (though he does like to cuddle so be prepared).


Ideally Dodge would like to be an only dog and not share your attention, however we will consider dog meets. He does have a high prey drive. At this point in his life Dodge isn't ready for kids (he's only 2 after all!) so we are looking for an adult only home that will understand Dodge's preference for being a home body. Large dog or training experience a must!

Dodge kennel 1.jpg