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Capone just turned 1 in November and is the sweetest boy ever! He seriously never met a stranger, human or canine, big or small. He enjoys the company of all dogs and lived with 4 young children. We do not know how he'd be with kitties, but on walks, he will bark at squirrels but never tries to dart at them or show aggression. Depending on the resident cat(s) he may be able to co-exist. 

Capone visited the vet and was so compliant for his exam, even nails and bloodwork. He even snuck a kiss with his vet tech! He's a big boy for 12 months old, but it's all sugar!

Capone is almost 100% house trained and once he's neutered, that should seal the deal for that developmental step. His leash skills are good as is his behavior on car rides. He is just an all-around nice guy. 

If you're interested in this handsome, sweet pup, we must first have an application submitted for us to determine if he's a match, so type away!

Face Capone.jpg
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