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Meet Osa, the most adorable little girl ever! Osa came to us from GA at the age of 10 months with a torn ACL and Heartworm Positive. It's been a journey, but she's had the tear repaired, completed the heartworm treatment and she's as good as new! 

Osa is playful, smart, sensitive, a cuddler, and never met a stranger. After all, the more belly rubs a girl can get, the better! Osa is fostered in a multi-dog home and gets along with every one of the dogs. She has this intuitive way about her that helps her engage no matter what the personality of the other dog. 

Osa is as loyal as can be and likes to be close to her humans. She is the best kisser in the house lol. Osa's ideal home has another friendly, docile dog, preferably a male, has someone home or who works from home, is patient with her finishing up her puppyhood as she makes up for time lost, has a physical fence, and is ready to give her all the love she seeks! Osa is crate trained and house broken. She can still chew on things she shouldn't, but stops immediately when reminded. She also tends to attempt counter surfing when her nose alerts her, but again is quickly responsive to verbal correction.

All in all, Osa is an absolute joy to have and keeps her humans laughing at her adorable, puppyish, antics! If you'd like to be considered for Osa, please submit the application on our site!

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