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Zeus is positive there's another dog inside the oven lol

Wishing he was there!

Zeus is full of personality and playfulness, and puppyish behaviors he's working on we'll describe below. He is like a much younger dog than his shelter paperwork says. While it says 3, we believe he is more between 1 and 2. He was surrendered, along with a female, by a family who was forced to leave their residence. We were only able to take in this love. Zeus adores humans, whether they are his own family or other people he meets. Even the vet and techs! He will never turn down attention or being petted.


Zeus is housebroken and the other thing about Zeus is he loves his crate! He will often put himself in his crate with a toy and entertain himself or put himself to bed. His fosters speak about his crate behavior and his playful antics fondly. He is also addicted to peanut butter which makes giving him medication easy peasy!

Zeus rides well in the car but at times he will react to cars driving by. He barks actively at the window. It's funny because he doesn't do it all the time. On leash, he would love to chase bunnies and squirrels, but is responsive to correction or can be distracted. His foster is using a Freedom Harness on him to control his pace. He currently goes on a 1.5 mile walk twice a day and walked half an hour at night before bedtime.

Zeus' puppy behaviors are interest in shredding paper, paper towels, and towels, even as he is sitting with you, but is responsive to correction. Likewise, he is a shoe, slipper, and sock stealer, but gives them up easily. He is just as likely to grab a toy or his stuffed kong, it's more of a "I'm just looking for something to do" kind of thing. His toys should not include those that are stuffed or have squeakers as they will have a short life. Very short life. On the plus side, he has no problem letting you pick up all the pieces of stuffing and fabric he has left in his wake. He loves to play tug with you, and very mindful of your hands. We don't get too crazy, but he puts it right on his foster mom's knee after he wins, and shakes it. He's a happy guy, just needs training in areas we expect in young dogs. He is not at a point in which he can be trusted uncrated when home alone. 

As for cats, kids, and other dogs. We are saying no cats because of his interest in small creatures. His foster mom said he's obsessed with looking out her sliding door, jumping at it, and kind of whining at 2 feral cats. He is getting better at listening to "leave it " when she chases him away.  As for kids, they will need to be at least 12 and 'sturdy'. He is 113 lbs of puppy love and doesn't know his own strength. He still may jump on new people in his excitement to say hello (we are working on this too and it's not all the time), but like with everything else, he listens to correction. With other dogs, definitely no small or even medium sized dogs. He needs big like him lol. He is a strong player and his exuberance often causes him to forget respecting the personal space of other dogs. A large, tolerant, non-reactive female would be best with Zeus. 

If you have the experience and home that matches this handsome boy's needs, please submit the application on this site to be considered.

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