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This handsome boy is Wagger. Wagger is quite social when it comes to people, and has a lot of healthy interest in them. He builds relationships quickly, and does well being handled by all our staff. However he prefers not to be around other dogs, and will need a home where he is your one and only. During his time with us he has worked hard on his leash skills and practicing navigating past his triggers. He will need an owner ready and willing to maintain what he has learned and continue to work with him. He is a very sweet boy who loves loves loves people, but also needs the structure and management that will come naturally to a Rottie experienced adopter! Older children only who have lived with large dogs due to his size and strength. If you would like to be considered for this stud muffin, just submit our application!

Wagger LYK9 2.jpg
Wagger LYK9 4.jpg
Wagger LYK9 1.jpg
Wagger LYK9 3.jpg
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