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Taz just turned 1 and just gets cuter and cuter by the day. This kid is a puppy-like sweetheart who loves both humans and dogs alike. He is also fine with cats. Taz is an energetic, playful kid who would do best in a home with another high energy canine. As athletic as he is, he is also a couch potato and loves to adorn the family sofa. Taz came to us from a hoarding seizure but the insecurities he first demonstrated are very mild now thanks to great foster care. Tax needs a lot of durable toys to keep his interest high and his brain busy. He comes house and crate trained, He loves car rides! If you'd like to be considered for Taz, just submit our application!

Taz MD 9-1.jpeg
Taz MD 8_edited.jpg
Taz MD 6.jpg
Taz 1.jpg
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