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Tank is a special boy in so many ways. Let me share! LOVES people, no one is a stranger. No one. Is the most KIND HEARTED soul that has crossed our paths in rescue, and that's a lot of competition. ADORES other dogs as well. TOTALLY ignores cats. PLAYS hard, then naps hard lol. If there are resident dogs, they must be able to recognize that his vocalizations come from pure joy. He's a dog who came from nothing and who shows us every single day how appreciative he is of his new lifestyle.


Tank is a middle aged boy, approximately 5 years old, so he's sensible but still silly.  He came to us from Georgia this winter...heartworm positive, not neutered, skinny, and with a 'neurological' type of mobility. But WOW, does this boy live like he has no challenges. He plays hard, runs around like there's no tomorrow, is strong on leash, and is happy-go-lucky. He can't do activities like strenuous hiking, but given the freedom to exercise to tolerance, he amazes us with his stamina. He touches our hearts with his spirit.  Tank has a condition called Vitiligo, a non-contagious depigmentation. It has no effect on a dog other than the white patches. He also has poor depth perception and peripheral vision so steps can be a problem for him although he is a determined guy. His family would need to supervise and support him through that, mostly supporting him on the way down

Videos below are to show his vocalizations while playing (sorry for the quality) and his intake visit before his heartworm treatment and neuter

Tank deserves the very best out of life which will come from his family. Because he is so special, we will be looking for a home who respects his 'joie de vivre' and loves him for who he is... an exceptionally great dog with some special needs that he doesn't let get in his way. Applications are a must to be considered for Tank.

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Tank's foster mom added these tidbits about her boy! 


Things I've learned about Tank:


He loves to be loved. He will literally melt to the floor with happiness. 


He can play for hours by himself. He loves to be outside! And he will happily play outside by himself with a toy or ball. He does not destroy his toys. 


His eye sight, especially depth perception, is very poor. If you drop something in front of him he doesn't see it until you point it out. This makes steps a little iffy for him. He can and will go up carpeted steps. It's not pretty but he does it on his own. Going down he needs someone to guide him and slow him down. Steps must be carpeted. He's gotten much better with time. If he consistently did it I think he would actually be ok. 


He loses his footing a lot so carpets are a big help. I put several throw rugs and runners down to help him gain his footing. 


He's good with little ones. But I cannot guarantee that he would not unintentionally knock them over. 


He loves to be with his people. He's allowed on the sofa but he'd prefer to lay on the hard floor. 


He's not the most graceful and when he's very happy and excited all 4 legs can go in different directions! He will step on your feet and the back of your legs. 


He gets anxious and will pace if he can't get to the people he loves. He would not do well in a crate. But he does awesome in a gated room. 


He would do best with a very easy going dog. He's learning how to play well with others, but he doesn't always catch on to the other dogs clues and it can cause a reaction in a dog who isn't easy going. 


He's VERY vocal when he plays! 


He's totally housebroken. 


He will need someone with the patience to help him settle down in his new environment. He may require Trazodone for a couple weeks to help him with this adjustment. 

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