Meet Stein! Stein is a dapper 6 year old boy. He knows how to just relax and take a good nap but also has some spunk and likes to have a good time. His favorite toys are any kind of ball. He thinks keep away is a cool game so keeping an extra ball on hand to throw is ideal. In the house he is a dream. He is housetrained, crate trained, knows his basic commands, and walks well on the leash. At first we would recommend crating while he adjusts to a new environment, but eventually he could have free roam of the house as he has never chewed anything he shouldn't have. He loves belly rubs and food! I don't think he has ever turned down a yummy treat. 

Stein is an excellent dog and a favorite in the rescue, but will need a home who has experience and is savvy with the breed. The ability to recognize his subtle stress signals is important and will be explained. Stein would prefer a home as the only "kid" in the house, 4-legged or 2. No exceptions. It doesn't matter if your children or your dogs are great with dogs. It's not Stein's preference. 

Stein has benign small growths on his belly and a lump at the back of his tongue caused by what our vets believe were his molars rubbing against his tongue. Neither of these bother him nor have they changed size, but his adopter should be aware. This boy is a very special boy and deserves nothing but the best home! If you'd like to be considered for him, please submit our application. 

**If you are serious about adopting, you must submit a completed application . We will not do anything without an app. Due to the small size of our volunteer-run rescue, only the approved adopter may be contacted. It is not first come first served, but the best match **

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