Meet Stan the Man! This kiddo always has a smile on his gorgeous face...he loves everyone he meets, humans or other dogs. Stan is the kind of guy whose nub goes constantly. He's just a happy go lucky boy. We have observed him ignore and walk away from reactive dogs...that's the kind of temperament he has.

Our vet aged him as 2 yrs old and said he was a perfect gentleman when he was in for his physical. He has a mild eye infection we are currently treating. Stan is a strong hunk who would benefit from Obedience classes. He responds beautifully to experienced handlers. Because he's still at the age in which he isn't fully mature, he'd do best in a home who can help him finish growing into the great adult he is meant to be.

We do not know how he is with cats. His energy level is medium and he does pull on the leash at the beginning of his walks. However he settles quickly and then enjoys his down time. This boy is a gem!

If you'd like to be considered for Stan, please submit our application. We cannot proceed without it. 

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