Things to know about Ben 😊

He's smart, funny, plays well with toys… but can get a little over-boisterous and mouthy when playing with his toys…as soon as he realizes he's come in contact with your hand and not his toy he stops. He does like to ‘win’ and like a small child, hoards his toys. For this reason, older children only.

He's completely house broken, and will verbally alert you when he needs to use the bathroom. He initially pulls on a leash when walking until he's pottied and then he walks really well with no pulling. He does like to "change lanes" a lot as he has to smell everything the world has to offer, although he does chase leaves and snowflakes!!. 

He knows his basic commands like, sit, stay, wait and eat, responds well to correction and comes back when called. In fact, if he goes outside he'll constantly watch to make sure you are still there, if he thinks you've gone he comes running. 

He has separation anxiety, we are working with him and during the time he has been with us, which is many months, he has started to settle in and he is ok to be left in a room on his own for short periods, but if someone is home he does feel that he should also be in the same room and can get quite vocal about it. He sleeps through the night but at the moment due to his level of anxiety he does sleep with one of his humans.He still has separation anxiety and needs someone home with him whether day or night. He is also on a mild sedative for his anxiety.

He has not been destructive in any way, but certain toys he likes to chew up and spit out, he does well with a Kong and frozen peanut butter. He has an antler that he chews on infrequently. He will use a crate and will stay in it and be comfortable as long as the doors remain open.

He has noticed that we have feral cats locally and although he's not tried to chase them he does show interest in what they are doing. We are however asking for a cat-free home. He tries to play with our current dog, but she wants nothing to do with him - he's shown interest in our neighbors’ dogs but the interest soon passes. While out on walks when he meets another dog he prefers to keep walking and shows no interest in interacting. 

Ben likes the creature comforts that come with living in a home as part of the family…he is sweet and loving - no malice in him at all... 


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