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Sammie is a 3 year old girl who was found tied to a tree in Philly. Animal Control picked her up and took her to the shelter. She waited out her stray hold but no one came for her! This beautiful girl! How could that be?? The staff noted that she was just big, sweet, teddy bear who quickly became a staff favorite...and we couldn't agree more. Sammie is a wiggle butt who greets everyone with a loose, joyful body.

Kodi's Club was called and we were delighted to have her join our rescue. Sammie seems more interested in people than dogs and is very social with everyone, males and females. She loves getting pets all over. She is just a social butterfly who wears a big smile for anyone she meets! 

Sammie met several dogs and prefers respectful friends who are not pushy and don't expect her to play physically with them. She doesn't become reactive or aggressive at their overtures, but will look to her human for help. We believe a submissive dog or a senior, male, would make her the happiest, or even being your only dog so she can get ALL your attention!

As for cats, unknown. Older children only due to her size. 

Sammie weighs in at 97 pounds so she could stand to lose a few pounds, but it doesn't stop her one bit. If you'd like to be considered for Sammie, please submit our application. We cannot proceed until it's received. 



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