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This is our Roxy. Roxy is the epitome of a 'lady'. She has been a pleasure to foster. Besides the typical house and crate trained, her manners are lovely. She looks to me for direction when unsure, attempts no counter surfing, offers a gentle nature, is quiet in the house, pulls minimally on leash, takes treats gently, and loves attention. She enjoys toys and will keep busy playing, even with stuffed animals. She is high energy and has a physical play style so at 110 lbs, we do not want to see her in a home with children. She'd knock them right over unintentionally! Her previous owner indicated that she knows sit, paw, place, and heal.

Roxy lived with a Yorkie and a cat. She did chase the cat and bark at it, but didn't hurt it.

While Roxy has loose body language, soft eyes, and allows all handling, she also can be bit cautious with strangers. When her owner brought her into the lobby at the shelter, there were a lot of people and other dogs. We could see she was getting stressed, but we felt that it was totally understandable. She remained sociable and easy-going despite the stress in her eyes.

Interested in being considered for Roxy? Just submit our application on this website!

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