Roo was picked up by Animal Control as a stray in Philly in the dead of winter. Just a baby! Roo loves everyone and everything, but he does need a savvy adopter to guide him through adolescence! We will explain his needs below!


Roo's ideal family


*will love to cuddle

*will have another dog who is tolerant of his play, not a dog prone to worry or fear during play; a solid, balanced playmate

*will recognize when his needs aren't being met (he starts barking and mouthing...he's 10 months old after all) and because of their experience will know how to help him calm down and meet his needs productively

*will be experienced with different types of dog play and know when and how to intervene; how to get any dogs' attention away from play if it's getting too wild, in a positive way

*will have an assortment of chew toys that are strong enough to survive him!

Roo has so much love to give but is overly ambitious about it at times. Because he was deprived before he came to rescue, he will need a super calm home with lots of one-on-one attention and solid, calm adults who are gentle and patient,


At this point, no children other than older teens who have grown up with large dogs.

Roo is a fun, darling boy, but because he was starved for attention in his earlier months, he's making up for lost time. He needs a supportive family to help him along. If you'd like to be considered for this 10 month old work in progress, the first step is to submit our application!

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