This hunk is named Rock! Rock is 2 to 3 years old. Until coming to Kodi's Club, this boy sadly spent his life in a back yard with another dog. He didn't get the chance to enjoy family life in a home, Thankfully, his owner decided they didn't want him any more and so he came to rescue.


Rock has spent time in a training program and done fabulously. We are so proud of him! We asked the folks working with him what we should look for in a home for this sweet boy. 

"Rock is a social dog and can grow a relationship with someone fairly quick. He has done exceptional with the staff here with us. We have socialized him with a number of different dogs and he’s done well each time. He also goes on pack walks daily with other dogs and seems to enjoy himself. He loves to play tug and enjoys a good chin scratch.  As far as an ideal home for him goes. we would steer clear of children below the age of 12. Since he doesn’t have much experience meeting new people, he can be suspicious at times.

We haven’t seen Rock display any aggression. There have been a few times when an unfamiliar person walks into our kennel room and he barks. After we let him know that is not appropriate he will stop. We’ve seen less of this behavior as he gained confidence here with us." 

Rock needs an experienced home with family members who understand and respect his background. A calm environment, slow introductions to new people, and the patience not to overwhelm him while he adjusts, are basic needs of his to integrate smoothly into his newly, adoptive family. Rock is also crate trained.

if you truly have this type of experience and would like to be considered for Rock, we ask that you submit our application. We are unable to respond to any questions unless we understand the context of your home based on your responses. 

Cats are unknown.

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