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Priscilla is a 3 year old girl on the quiet side, somewhat shy, until she warms up to new humans, but even then, is very respectful for your attention. She enjoys soft petting as she herself is a gentle soul. Priscilla would thrive in a calm environment without a lot of noise and activity. She has only been with her foster for a couple of weeks, so that could change in time. For now she is cautious and avoidant when facing new situations. She prefers to observe for herself before engaging.

Priscilla is quite content keeping herself busy, especially with marrow bones, stuffed Kongs, and antlers. She tends to trot around the house until she settles for a nap to recharge her battery. She is both house and crate trained, but does need to go outside every 6 to 8 hours. 

Priscilla is fostered in a multi-dog house, but only enjoys the company of the quieter dogs who will not demand her participation in racing around  or physical play. She is more about peaceful cohabitation. She would also be happy as an only dog.

Because Priscilla is a timid girl who likes peace and quiet, she'd do best in an adult only home. Cats are unknown. She is also a major 'foodie' who is never satisfied and needs the most complex slow-feeder we could find. She definitely had to have been starved previously. 

If you feel you can meet Priscilla's needs and keep her happy, please submit our application at

Priscilla June 3.jpeg
Priscilla GCRR 3.jpg

Outside photos are from GA while waiting for transport.

Inside photos are from PA in her foster home

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