Olive is a very young, petite rottweiler (under a year and about 30 pounds) who had a rough start to life. She and her sisters were kept in a shed with no human interaction, living in their own waste, and given minimal food/water before being seized by Animal Control.  Olive is being fostered in a suburb in Northern VA with 2 other dogs.

Surprisingly, Olive shows no trauma from her past.  She is incredibly smart and has learned many commands such as "go peepee", "go poop", "sit", "come", "no" and she is working on "lay down".  Olive is eager to please and learns new things quickly. She is not a fan of her crate and will fuss in there but she keeps her crate clean when the foster mom is at work and overnight.  She is working on her house-training and is doing well.  She has learned to go to the back door when she needs to go out. She has no resource issues with her humans or other dogs.  She walks well on a leash, is very polite meeting people and dogs, loves to play with toys and her foster fur-brothers. 

Olive goes hiking with her foster mom and her dogs. She also meets several of the "regulars" (and she lets them pet her!) and other dogs.  She does awesome! The people she met were impressed at how sweet, friendly and social she was! 

Olive allows full body handling (she really enjoys it when you rub her face and body), putting on/removing her collar, leashing her up, picking her up and carrying her (we do this to get her in the rottmobile), baths, nail trims, we haven't found anything she doesn't permit. 

To be considered for Olive you will need to:

1. Have experience raising a puppy/young Rottweiler

2. Be willing to commit to attending Obedience classes

3. Have another dog(s) who is stable and balanced as a role model for her.

4. Have a physical fence at least 4 1/2 feet high.

5. Have a strong vet reference including the use of preventatives.

6. Submit the application on our site

7. Be patient with us. 

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