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This is 9 month old Mars and does he have a story to tell! Prior to his rescue, Mars lived in a crate except for the twice a day he was taken out and tied up to do his business. Thankfully, a neighbor convinced Mars' owner to surrender him to us. It is just remarkable how sweet this pup remained through all this neglect.

Mars was lucky in that the same neighbor pet sat him when his owner went away for work. He shared that at those times, he brought Mars to his home and he was well-behaved. He played nicely with his boxer, never had an accident inside, knew sit and lay down, and responded to work on his leash skills. Because of the extent that he was crated, it does take him time to calm down before he will walk well on a loose leash. He described Mars as a people pleaser so he should be a highly trainable guy. He is an all-around friendly dog.

Of course, how can a dog be so perfect? He does have a fault! Rumor has it is when he meets new people, he will jump up in excitement. But for a 9 month old pup, I'd say he came out of his past quite well!

Interested in being considered for Mars? Just submit our application here on our website!

Mars OS 1.jpeg
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