Please take a moment to meet our sweet Luna! Did you ever see such a cutie? Luna was purchased from a breeder as a special needs pup at 4 months of age. Her special needs is that Luna does a ‘bunny hop’ when she runs. The adopter decided not to keep her and as a result she was surrendered to Kodi’s Club. And so she joined us recently at the age of 9 months.


We knew we owed her to have the appropriate diagnostics done because we wanted to make sure she received whatever vetting was necessary. An MRI was completed and thankfully her spine is perfect and there is no nerve damage. Her special needs, the bunny like hop when she runs, has actually improved from when the previous owner first bought her. We hope you can see it on the video we posted here because it’s subtle. The neurologist feels that since there is no physical cause and no nerve damage, that Luna must have had a viral infection as a young pup that is still resolving. She also feels that since she continues to improve, that it may continue improving up to the age of 1. She does not see it as ever regressing. Luna has no exercise restrictions and is in no pain. She is like any other pup her age, energetic and always ready to play.

Luna is spayed, house-broken, loves other dogs, and thrives on attention. She is currently attending Beginner Obedience classes for the basics and for socialization. Luna is fostered with 3 Wheaton Terriers who give her a run for her money lol. but she loves every minute of it!

If you would like to be considered for this sweet girl, we are asking that

  • You have other social dog(s)

  • You have experience raising a puppy

  • You are willing to take a Level 2 Obedience class with her

  • You have a fenced yard

  • You live within approximately an hour from us

  • You have a strong vet reference

If you believe you are a good fit and meet the criteria, please submit an application for this baby girl.  Due to the small size of our rescue, we require reading your application before responding to you. If you don’t meet the criteria listed, we may not respond.

Luna pup 1.jpg
Luna pup 2.jpg