Meet Lucky, a boy who needs a home with an experienced adopter. Lucky is as sweet as can be and will be 100% loyal to the people who earn his trust and respect. We affectionately call him a "boneheaded ham". Because he was so fearful and defensive at the shelter, we went very slow with him, but by the time we picked him up he had already begun to trust the shelter staff. Once with us, we continued to go slowly with him at first so he could process his new surroundings and new people. This even included changing his shelter collar to one of ours. It paid off as we have now gotten to enjoy his antics so much. Along with that big block head of his! It's huge! 

Lucky has not shown resource guarding with us but we didn't attempt it until he knew us. He takes treats gently. He has shown us that he enjoys other dogs by his play bows and nub going 90 mph. As for handling, everyday small things, like wiping eye gook, he is fine. But big things that require major handling, especially if something painful, he will let you know with a warning growl. Lucky just wants and expects you to stop. He is just telling you it hurts or he's scared. When you stop, the growl stops immediately and he's forgiving. Lucky has boundaries and tells you clearly what they are. In these situations, we muzzle him which renders him cooperative. If we didn't respect his warning, and continued pushing, it could very well end up in a bite. Lucky does not tolerate his paws being touched.

Lucky has not been cat tested. He would be best in an adult only home who understands the breed and is experienced. Lucky will make the right home very happy he is part of their family. 

**If you are serious about adopting , you must submit a completed application . We will not do anything without an app. Due to the small size of our volunteer-run rescue, only the approved adopter may be contacted. It is not first come first served, but the best match.


Yes, if you are reading this, the dog is available so no need to check **


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