Bert is simply one of the most friendly, sweet dogs we have. Two years old, he loves everyone he meets. He has been fostered with big and little dogs, male and female, he loves them all! He was cat tested at the shelter on a leash but since we don't have a means to cat test him, we can't say that we know how safe his interaction is with cats.


Bert arrived to Kodi's Club with one brown eye and one green eye 🤔. He acts totally normal, but we took him to  our vet to be checked over and they advised he go to an Ophthalmologist to get the opinion of a specialist. So Bert saw the Ophthalmologist soon after. Several tests later and it was determined he is blind in his left eye which really surprised us because he shows no sign of it in his play and everyday living. The retina and optic nerve are totally atrophied. She believes it came from an infection or inflammation when he was a puppy, that wasn't treated, because it's old. He doesn't have any increased chance of glaucoma or other eye disease in that eye than any other normal dog with no problems. He does have vision in his other eye. He was a good boy for his exam like he is for everything else ❤. We're happy to have the last piece of the puzzle!


If you'd like to meet this delightful boy, please submit the application here on our website so we can start the process.

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Bert GA 4.jpg
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