Check out the sweetest girl ever! This is Lady, and that's exactly what she is, a real lady. This cutie is only 1 years old so she has a lotta learning to do. But she is such a nice dog that we have no doubt that given the right opportunities a young dog needs, that she'll be a rock star!

Lady has a leggy build and is on the tall side. She has medium energy. She has not shown us any behaviors of concern and has done well with other dogs. Cats are unknown.


Due to her age, we will ask her adopter to commit to Obedience classes to ensure she matures into as wonderful of an adult as she is a pup. 

If you'd like to be considered for Lady, please submit our application. We cannot proceed without it.

Lady ACCT Karina 4.jpeg
Lady in caf 4.jpeg
Lady ACCT Karina 1.jpeg
Lady ACCT Karina 3.jpeg