This senior guy has a story to tell. Kodi was literally dumped out of a car at night on I 95. The fact that he is alive is a miracle in itself if you've ever driven that thruway. He ran off but after multiple attempts over the next couple of days was able to be caught. We were asked to help him which of course we did. Kodi was clearly neglected in his previous home. He tested positive for 2 tick borne diseases which have been treated and for heartworm disease for which he likewise finished the treatment. It's all behind him now!

Kodi LOVED car rides, hanging with humans, attending barbecues with friends of his foster and was a super friendly boy. He always wore a smile on that sweet face. Kodi was fabulous on leash, a total gentleman. 


Kodi was adopted but returned the next week for behaviors we hadn't seen in all the months he was with us for his vetting needs. Kodi presented with threatening body language toward the adopter's company and on leash when encountering strangers with or without dogs. We had explained upfront to give him time to bond before introducing new people, basically the 'two week shutdown' for adjustment which we ask all our adopters, and they in fact didn't do that, but still, it was so uncharacteristic of him. We were stumped but were fortunate to have him spend time in foster care in the home of trainers, Misguided Mutts Dog Behavior Training, who are also good friends of ours. We no longer felt like we knew this boy. What was going on?. 

Well, as we suspected would happen, we again saw the sweet Kodi we knew and loved. After a one week transition period to earn his trust, they began to introduce visitors. Kodi was slightly distrustful at first, but a quick verbal cue and he relaxed. Next came a walk where he would be immersed in an environment with triggers for them to observe any reactivity as seen by the adopter. Here are their exact words:


"He did great. The park was crazy busy. He was a gentleman on leash, walked past dogs and people fine. The one thing I noticed is that he got a little cautious when he was positioned on the side of the people but I just coached him along. No reactions at all. He saw doodles, a German Shepherd, two Rotties. Then we went to Starbucks to get him a pup cup and he didn't react at all then either even with the two ladies gushing over him at the drive thru. It's really fun to watch how young and carefree he acts or how he just wants to laydown, chill, and take in the sun"


So here is our conclusion of his needs in an adoptive home!

1. Kodi needs time to develop trust in his new family during an adjustment period. He is a submissive, moderately fearful boy until he has time to feel comfortable. Then, you can't contain his joy and capacity to love.

2. After the adjustment, initially, his new family will need to be cognizant of his expression and body language which may be subtle. A quick verbal to him because of the trust that was built prior will give him confidence that everything is okay. 

3.His new family must be sufficiently experienced in that they will recognize this sweetheart is just afraid, not mean.

4. Kodi will take advantage of a gap in fencing or possibly even a large enough gap under the fence between the ground and bottom of the fencing that he could comfortably squeeze through. He has been known to squeeze through the space where the fence gate attaches to the fencing because it wasn't mounted tightly. He has not challenged a privacy fence that does not have escape routes nor does he jump fences.

5. Kodi is fearful of sticks. Brooms as well. If you pick a stick up to play fetch, he will cower. It seems he may have been abused as well as neglected.


If you feel that you can provide this senior, who has experienced nothing but neglect up to his being thrown out of that car on I 95, and then misunderstood by his adopter, with the loving home he deserves, please submit the application on this site. Some patient, understanding person will be very lucky to enjoy Kodi's loyalty and playful, fun personality. 


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