Meet Koda! This 2 year old is such a sweetie! Koda absolutely loves to play with other dogs so any resident dog would need to enjoy roughhousing as much as he does. Larger dogs would be best. He will engage them in racing around, tug of war, and any other activity to burn off his 2 year old energy. Koda is just a friendly boy looking for good times!

If he were to be interviewed about his favorite activities, he would tell you he loves anything water (baths, creeks, lakes), car rides, long walks, being petted and cuddling, and playing with other dogs. 

He dislikes having his nails cut.


Older children would be best due to his size and energy level. He's housebroken, lives with cats, and never bothered with the cats or neighborhood cats. If you'd like to meet this fun guy, just submit our application so we can determine if he's a match.  

Koda GA 2_edited.jpg
Koda GA 1.jpg

Proof of his delight with water lol