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This is King OS. This piece of eye candy is 21 months old, 108 pounds, and a smartie pants. But don't be fooled by a pretty face! As with other Rotties in this age bracket, they can be head strong, demanding, and downright bossy! The secret? Structure. Consistency. Clear boundaries. Clear expectations. Participation in positive-reinforcement based training classes. Socialization experiences.

Sound like a lot? It's a small price to pay for the amazing relationship you will build and enjoy with this handsome hunk! King is fully vetted and ready to jump into life with a new family. King OS was surrendered to us because his owner, a vet, has residual orthopedic issues from his military service. He loves him enough to know he needs an active home who can meet his needs more easily. King OS is house trained, good with kids, good with dogs (cats unknown), walks briskly on leash but responds to direction, and has an even temperament. He was also trained at a Board and Train facility last year. 

As we learn more, we will share, but in the meantime, if you feel you could meet his needs and would like to be considered, just submit our application. Because of his age, we will prioritize those applications that demonstrate true experience with this breed. 

King OS Souderton.jpeg
King OS Souderon 4_edited.jpg
King OS Souderton 6_edited.jpg
King OS Souderton 2.jpeg
King OS Souderton 7.jpeg
King OS Souderton 8.jpeg
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