Kane is a gorgeous 2 to 3 year old surrendered to us with his littermate after living in a yard their whole lives. We placed them in a Board and Train program where they have been good students! His brother was actually adopted today!


Kane participates in group walks and has been socialized with multiple different dogs and does well. The trainer shared that when a dog he’s unfamiliar with comes into their kennel room he will bark from time to time. We haven’t observed him around children besides the ones that we occasionally pass on walks and while he doesn't seem bothered by them, we are asking for a home with no children. He can be suspicious of strangers, but quickly grows relationships with people when given the opportunity. This tells us slow introductions to new people are in order. He does well walking on the leash when out for walks. He hasn’t had any issues being touched anywhere on his body. Cats are unknown. 


Kane is a very sweet boy and deserves a great home who will be sensitive to the small accommodations he needs to feel secure and comfortable. He's beautiful, but more so, he's a nice boy who will thrive in a predictable environment with experienced humans who will take a couple minutes to acclimate him to changes, as needed. 

If that's you and you'd like to be considered for Kane, please submit the application!

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