**If you are serious about adopting, after reading the write-up, please submit a completed application. We will not do anything without an application. Due to the small size of our volunteer-run rescue, only the approved adopter may be contacted. It is not first come first served, but the best match. Yes, if you are reading this, the dog is available so no need to check **

Four year old Jaselle comes to us from GA in search of a new home. Jaselle is a beautiful girl, somewhat timid, but a pleasure to be with and enjoy. She's very sweet but needs a patient, gentle approach initially until she warms up to new friends. Sudden, unexpected movements do frighten her She has lovely manners. Jaselle does well with other large dogs, but we do not know how she would be with small dogs. She is best with male dogs, as she will try to dominate some female dogs. She is however fostered with other female dogs. She is also living with cats. Children over 10 only

Jaselle GA 1.jpeg
Jaselle GA 2.jpeg
Jaselle GA 3.jpeg