Jaime is a 1 year old who came into a shelter in GA with his littermate Claire at the age of 9 months. Neither of these 2 puppies had been exposed to the normal experiences puppies their age should have had. And so, they had a lot of catching up to do. They have been living with a trainer, not for the typical Obedience, but more so for helping them catch up in maturity.


Don't be fooled by this beautiful mug! Jaime has a set of needs more so than his sister.  He loves to eat anything not strapped down (he eats anything like a goat) so that must be managed until he grows out of it. We keep him busy with raw real bones and stuffed black kongs   Jaime can snuggle for hours and prefers company, be it human or dog. He can play a little rough but is just a goof ball who truly loves to play. He's super friendly, and crate trained, but doesn't like new people near his crate until they have fed him treats a few times. But you won't find a sweeter, more grateful loving dog in your lifetime than Jaime.

To give you an example of what we mean by supervision, when first coming home, it is recommended to introduce him to each area of his new home on leash and to  give him toys that are durable and rugged so he is used to chewing the right things before he is allowed off leash. Bully sticks, cow's ears, stuffed Kongs, whatever is safe and lasts a while. The purpose is 2 fold, one is to show him what is acceptable to chew, and second is so he doesn't feel too hungry while he is still getting over the starvation trauma he experienced prior to rescue.

While Jaime is a sweet friendly boy, he is still shy about new hands. However, he loves to be near his person and those people he knows. With people he doesn't know, patience and slow intros, in which he can choose when he's ready to engage, are the foundations of building a relationship with him. Jaime likes other dogs and just ignores the cats in the home. At this point, it would be best for there to be no children in the home due to their fast moving hands and bodies being too much for him still. 

Jaime has made nice strides and is acting more like the adolescent he is down to the zoomies he gets with Claire. They are just 'new to the world' dogs. Jaime's adopter will need to be extra patient, take their time with him, and not leave him unsupervised until he outgrows his puppy behaviors. He has responded so well to the loving care he experienced with us. Jaime has had a good month with the trainer, so if you'd like to help him finish out his childhood productively, he's ready for the next step. In experienced, patient, caring savvy hands, he will continue to flourish!



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