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Ivan GA B.jpg

This stud muffin is Ivan! Check out the mug.on this boy! Ivan came to us with some training under his belt as you can see in the videos. Despite the training, and very nice manners, as a young adult male Rottweiler, Ivan still needs structure and boundaries to stay nice. Positive reinforcement works best and as is typical, he's a foodie!

Ivan does mildly resource guard so if he has something of high value to him he prefers not to share it. With us, he hasn't shown any aggression, just hovering over the item. Some examples we have found are we are able to walk around him while he's eating with no reaction, toys he won't give up unless we trade up, a fresh raw marrow bone he will vocalize and hunker down over it, but once it's not new, he hasn't protected it.  For this reason, no children too young to read his body language or handle their own impulsivity. It's subtle and could be missed by a child. In none of the scenarios described above, have we tried to take anything away from him unless he's game for trading up. 

Ivan is a medium energy, gentle, quiet boy, who loves to be petted, has been taught manners, and needs a family of his own. If you'd like to meet him, just submit the application on this site so we can determine if you're a possible match!

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