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Four month old Harley was surrendered to us through no fault of her own. Her owners were heartbroken about giving her up. They gave her a great start in life medically, with training, and with a whole lot of love. Harley is a spunky, lovable, energetic girl without a care in the world. She's also quite smart as can be witnessed in the video. Harley is fostered with a wonderful, huge, Rottie who puts up with all her baby behaviors! Her owners shared that she's half Rottie and half American Bulldog. At 4 months, she's 30 pounds. Spaying (at our expense) and Obedience classes (at her adopter's expense) will be conditions of adoption.

Please submit our application if you'd like to be considered for this adorable pup! We must read your application prior to any contact from us.

Harley OS puppy Philly.jpg
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