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Cyrus needs to be rehomed as his owners are having personal problems. They are heartbroken that their 'big baby' can't remain with them. In their words: 

His birthday is March 22, 2017. We picked him up from his owners on May 16, 2017 at 8 weeks of age. He has been with my family since that time. Cyrus is known to be friendly and sociable in the neighborhood as he has been highly socialized..Cyrus is a naturally friendly dog, we live in a very diverse community, and he has been socialized with different people, and older children of a variety of ages, and including other dogs since he was 8 weeks old. People have always come up to pet him because he is very handsome and welcoming. However, loud noises do make him uncomfortable such as fire trucks, loud cars with broken mufflers, or trash trucks driving by, he barks at them.  He is extremely affectionate and demands a lot of attention. He is house trained, but sleeps in his crate (his apartment for naps and sleeping at night) on his own. Cyrus has a nice size appetite, but I do not overfeed him. As you can see he is very fit and gets plenty of daily exercise. He knows and follows many commands when prompted (verbally or hand gesture). Cyrus will be available after his neuter on Jan 23rd.