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Gracie and her litter were found wandering around roads in GA. Gracie was looking for food to keep up with the demands of her kids. Animal Control picked them up and held on to them for the mandatory 7 days stray hold. No one called about them. No one came for them. And so we were contacted and were happy to help this sweet family.

The litter has since been adopted and Gracie is ready to find her new family. Their adopters did DNA tests and the puppies are 66% Doberman and 33% Rottie. Gracie is simply the sweetest girl ever. Housebroken. Crate trained although she'd prefer to be uncrated. When uncrated, she's a couch potato. She has not shown herself to be destructive nor is she a chewer. Gracie loves everyone. She is just a gentle, accepting soul who wants to be loved. The person sitting with her in the photo just met her during her transport up to PA. As for any resident dogs, we believe she would prefer a respectful dog who won't expect her to wrestle roughly. She is currently fostered with other dogs, and does well, but seems to do her 'own thing' co-existing peacefully. She's definitely a 'people dog' lol.

If you would like to be considered for this gem, just head over to our website and submit our application. Thank you!

Grace at Linda's 2.jpg
Grace on trip.jpg
Gracie and kid.jpg
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