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A volunteer was on her way to the shelter to walk dogs, and lo and behold, in the middle of the street, she spots a Rottweiler eating pizza crust. She gets out of her vehicle and takes the dog to the shelter. The dog was chipped so the owners were notified, but after 5 days, they responded that they didn't want her back. And so she joined Kodi's Club!

Meet Gigi! A 3 year old beauty! Gigi has great house manners and walks well on a leash. She is responsive to verbal reminders and is eager to cooperate. She has a playful, lively, friendly temperament and loves to chase a ball. This girl is also an amazing companion as she loves being with her human and gives her friendship respectfully. She does become over excited when introduced to other dogs, so that is a consideration for her future home! Gigi is playful but is easily redirected if necessary. She would do best as an only dog.

The shelter reported that "Gigi explored on her own around the room with a neutral body, sniffing close to the ground. I called her over in a baby voice and she wiggled right over, leaning in for pets. She will rub you for more when you stop and allows all over handling staying loose. She is very handler oriented and will follow you around the room. She is a big goof, a bit clumsy and doesn't know her size but is clearly trying to be gentle! She loves to stand on you giving hugs. When I crouched down she remained floor level, leaning into my chest for pets and giving kisses. She did not display any overstimulation with handling. She loves treats, is super treat motivated. She sits for them and takes them gently"

Wanna be considered for her? Just submit our application to get things started!

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