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How do you spell chill? F.R.I.T.Z. This boy is so laid back he even takes a nap while the vet trims his nails. Fritz is fostered with male and female adult Rotties and blends right in. He's a pacifist at heart. He is also highly food motivated and will cooperate with anything you ask in exchange for a treat.

We have not seen Fritz with children, but we believe with older dog savvy kiddos he'd be fine. He is a very respectful boy but his size would be relevant to being with children too small or not experienced with big dogs.


Fritz is house broken and crate trained, but because his tail never stops wagging, he is subject to 'happy tail'. Since he is a curious boy and tends to investigate his surroundings, when he is home alone we baby gate him in an area to keep him safe but not crated. This keeps his tail from relentlessly hitting the sides of the crate and prevents him from his detective work. The worst he has done is shred papers or an empty Chewy’s carton left laying out, but at least he had fun! He doesn’t chew furniture at all. Of course he’s been on restricted activity for 3 months so he sure would benefit from exercise.


Fritz's foster home has post and rail fencing which he tried to climb when he first arrived. There is also a yard with post and rail and and electric which he was moved to and respects. It isn't clear if he was just afraid in his new environment that first day or if he is a fence climber, so a privacy fence may be the best option for this boy. 

Fritz came to us at Christmas time heartworm positive. He has been through the treatment, neutered, and is ready to roll! If you're wond3ring what he is, Fritz is a young adult Rottie/Sharpei mix. If you'd like to be considered for him, just submit an application to help us determine if your home is a possible match.

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