Born on 2/18/2021, Duke is a year old male, unaltered (he will be neutered prior to adoption), microchipped, AKC Rottweiler. He weighs approx 90 pounds. Duke has lived his life indoors in a very loving environment. Duke is crate trained, house trained and knows to sit when asked. 


Duke walks best on a harness or Martingale collar as he will pull lightly when walking on a regular collar. He has a slight prey drive as he is reactive if he sees a squirrel or rabbit. Duke's exercise with his current family has been leash walks around the neighborhood, He has never been around cats, but likely would chase them if they run from him.


Duke has the capability of learning basic manners very quickly. He is still very puppy-like, loves belly rubs and melts on the floor if he thinks he is getting belly rubs. He does not realize his size and could easily knock over small children. We were able to touch all parts of his body with no reaction. When we knocked on the door from outside, he walked to the door barking and was easily controlled, with no fear.


Duke is still mouthy and grabbed my hand a few times through the eval. He was easily distracted and redirected with the squeaker in my pocket and treats. He is highly motivated by food.  Duke is very friendly, outgoing and playful. 


Duke was dog tested with the male in the video who is the same age. Duke does best when first introduced to new dogs using a 'pack walk'.method rather than nose to nose immediately. Duke should be able to get along and live peacefully with any dog as long as he is continued to be socialized properly 


Duke will thrive with a strong, calm, confident adopter. His puppy behavioral challenges appear to be age appropriate. They should be easily addressed with Obedience classes, consistent positive-reinforcement based training, time and patience..  

If you think you're the home for this charmer, an application must be submitted to help us determine if your home is a consideration to meet his needs. 

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