Attention Valley Veterinary Hospital Community!

We need your help in getting a very special dog a forever home! We have waited for this day for a long time and are excited to let our community know that we are finally ready to help get this amazing dog her forever home.

In November of 2019, a female puppy Rottweiler named Delilah (pictured below) came under our care. She was barely a few months old when she arrived, upon her arrival we learned that she had been abused psychologically and physically, along with experiencing neglect in her medical care.

Since arriving, with the help of our amazing medical staff, along with our daycare & boarding staff, and guidance from our trainer she has made tremendous strides. At first, she was scared of all humans, to the point where we could not get near her to even be able to put on a leash. Delilah has since become trustful of females and has come a long way with trusting males. She is dog friendly with certain dogs and not others, usually bigger aloof dogs she does much better with than little pups. Otherwise, she has really come of out her shell including walking on the leash and just being a happy balanced dog.

Even though she has made amazing strides it will take a very special human or humans to help her carry on her path. We are looking for some special people who will fit what this little girl needs. This includes having dog experience but even better someone who has Rottweiler or bully breed experience; a knowledge of helping dogs gain confidence and the patience that is needed to be there to support Delilah. A house with dogs is not out of the question, but it would need to be the right environment with dogs that she gets along with. At the moment, she has not been tested with children and we would recommend a place without young children as it will be too much for her handle.

Delilah needs to take things at her own pace and anyone who would consider adopting her would need to understand this and make sure to accommodate this side of her personality. This is very important because as stated above Delilah must takes things at her own pace!

To manage expectations, we want to be transparent and express that the adoption process will be thorough. This will include multiple interviews with staff of VVH and the final decision coming from the practice owner and head Veterinarian Dr. Shreiber. The process will also include spending time with Delilah before adoption, a home check, and other steps along the way including reference checks.

Delilah holds a very special place in the hearts of the staff of Valley Vet and is extremely important to all of us that she finds the best environment for her to call her next and forever home. With that being said, we will be extremely comprehensive in our vetting process to ensure Delilah ends up in the home that she not only deserves, but that will allow her to have the best life possible.

At this time, she is up to date on all her vaccinations, spayed, is as healthy as can be, and has learned basic obedience skills. The lucky person or people who get Delilah will also receive guidance and support from our trainer and staff to ensure she continues to flourish.

Please feel free to contact Daniel at or the front desk at 610-935-8110 to receive an application or ask any questions.

With Much Sincerity,

Your Friends at Valley Veterinary Hospital