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This cutie is Daphne! Daphne is a 3 year old girl ready to roll! She's quite hefty at 110 lbs, but we have her on a diet (shhhh!). Daphne is a really good girl in the house. She's housebroken, enjoys being given free rein of the house, and will not touch anything she shouldn't even when she's home alone. She prefers not to be crated and has proven she can be trusted. If she needs to be put away, she makes herself quite comfortable in her foster's den.

Daphne loves her humans, and actually, any human who offers her a treat. She will gladly make anyone who has a tasty tidbit feel like they are her one and only...until the treats run out lol. Every person in these photos were friends she just met that day. She will bark at first at new people, but when she she notices treats, it's over like a light switch! She's got the Rottie lean down pat!

Daphne met a cat and was barely interested in him as you can see in the video. Daphne can be around other dogs, but does not appreciate them in her personal space. She can also be dominant towards other dogs given the opportunity. For this reason, we prefer she be the only apple of your eye. She can see other dogs, for example on leash on walks, at the vet, even a pet store, and not react. It's direct interaction that isn't her preference.

Wanna meet her? Just submit our application to start the process!

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