Peaches is a 1 yr old docked female ready for adoption. Peaches adores people and will quickly lean into you, solicit attention, and belly rubs. Peaches is even loving at the vet and cuddles with the techs! She's about 75 pounds and average height, This girl is house and crate trained, but at first she will need close supervision when  in a new environment to prevent accidents until she learns your routine. At home, when she's asking for attention, once she gets some affection, she will find something to do independently or take a snooze. On the whole, she is a submissive girl and easily correctible with a verbal direction. 

Peaches is fostered in a home with other dogs but seems to do best with the males. Her play can be pushy and as a 1 year old, she still has to mature with her antics. Prior to coming to PA, Peaches was fostered in GA with other Rotties, both male and female.  As with humans, she has shown herself to respect correction by other dogs when she's too pushy in her play. Peaches is not good with cats. 

Our application, which is required to proceed, is right here on our website under More 

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