This is little Miss Claire! Claire is a 1 year old who came into a shelter in GA with her littermate Jaime at the age of 9 months. Neither of these 2 puppies had been exposed to the normal experiences puppies their age should have had. And so, they had a lot of catching up to do. They have been living with a trainer, not for the typical Obedience, but more so for helping them catch up in maturity.


Clair is a sweet friendly girl, but still shy about new hands. However, she lives to be near her person and those people she knows. With people she doesn't know, patience and slow intros, in which she can choose when she's ready to engage, are the foundations of building a relationship with her. She likes other dogs and just ignores the cats in the home. At this point, it would be best for there to be no children in the home due to their fast moving hands and bodies being too much for her still. 

Claire has made nice strides and is acting more like the adolescent she is down to the zoomies she gets with Jaime. They are just 'new to the world' dogs. Claire has had a good month with the trainer, so if you'd like to help her finish out her childhood, she's ready for the next step. In experienced, savvy hands, she will continue to flourish!



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