Chloe GA 2.jpg
Chloe 2.jpg

Don't let this pretty, seemingly innocent face fool you! Two year old Chloe is a bundle of energy! Not a mean bone in her body but quite an exuberant pupper. Chloe loves belly rubs and being petted. She does settle down in a comfy spot. She's very sweet and affectionate, just hyper. Due to her energy, small children are not a good match.


As for other dogs, she's overwhelming to them. She invades their personal space and has no off button. It's pure play, not aggression, but other dogs do not appreciate it. Chloe would do best as an only dog for this reason. Her dream home is an active one where she can wear herself out productively. Cats are a definite no for all the reasons above.

**If you are serious about adopting , you must submit a completed application . We will not do anything without an app. Due to the small size of our volunteer-run rescue, only the approved adopter may be contacted. It is not first come first served, but the best match.


Yes, if you are reading this, the dog is available so no need to check **

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