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Elmer was found as a stray in VA beach and was so emaciated they named him Bones. We drove down to Animal Control and picked him up promptly so that we could take him straight to our vet. The good news is that bloodwork came back as fine and a physical examination showed him to be good as well. The bad news is that this poor soul was literally being starved to death. We started him on 4 small meals a day of a prescription diet. We also cooked casseroles of ground beef, oats, eggs, cottage cheese, and supplements which he especially enjoyed. He has bounced back beautifully.


Elmer is an independent kind of a dog and basically ignores other dogs. He's quite content with just his frequent meals and orthopedic bed, creature comforts he never had.. We do not know how he'd be with children so no child under 12. He has not been cat tested.

If you'd like to be considered to help Elmer enjoy the rest of his life, applications are on this website. We can't proceed without a submitted application. 

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